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Hi! We are Räven AB.

We are a game developer in Gothenburg, Sweden. Räven saw the light of day for the first time in 2006 and has since been developing games and interactive applications.


We have many years of developing using the game engine Unity. A tool that allows us to create interactive content ranging from games to simulators, deployed on a multitude of platforms such as; iOS, Android, web and PC/Mac. This gives our clients great flexibility.Here we have all competency under the same roof, Räven produces everything from 3d graphics to game logic and interfaces. We help you go from idea to finished product.


Räven wouldn’t be anything without its clients. Here are just a few of the companies we are proud of had working with.



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Räven AB


Phone: +46(0)31-789 00 01

Korsgatan 10

411 16 Gothenburg, Sweden